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Having a solar consultant assist you with designing and installing a solar system will be the best value you get when planning and installing a solar system.

Solar can be complicated, confusing and expensive if you do not get a system tailored to your specific requirements.

All of the consultants on our team have lived with or do live with solar from batteries. Designing a battery based solar system is very different to a traditional grid feed system that is installed to make as much money from your investment as possible. It is not that complicated to put as many panels on the roof and feed it back to the grid to turn your meter backwards to make some money.

Designing a system specifically for a customer's energy usage and doing it all from batteries is what we specialise in. If Batteries is not something you want to do right now we can educate you on the best system to install now to suite your family's requirements and you will know what is required when ready to install your batteries.

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