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Nickel Iron Batteries

The Edison Cell or Nickel Iron, Nife Cell whatever you call it is a battery that has an amazing history. This cell was used in the 1st electric cars. Insert Picture here (Edison electric car Jay Leno Owns an electric Baker, and it still had the original batteries in it. He has since changed them to increase the power of the car to get more performance from the vehicle for speed.

Nickel Iron has been used over the years in many heavy-duty situations.

The third line in the London underground was to charge the Nickel Iron Batteries while the trains were underground and when they would come out of the underground where there were no electric lines they would operate on the Nickel Iron Batteries until the next underground section. The batteries were never replaced they just did away with the whole trains and systems. There are still some of these locomotive's operational in the U.K for display purposes with the original NiFe cells. Nickel Iron have had an enormous increase in use in Off-Grid Stand-alone solar systems and with Hybrid battery storage situations.


24 Hour Solar power in 5 years has become the fifth largest resellers in the world of Nickel iron Cells. The C.E.O Mike Haydon took his house off the grid in the middle of Sydney with the NiFe batteries as a test to see how they would perform. After 12 months of ups and downs and testing the Nickel-Iron cells to the limits. We were happy as a business to start offering them to our customers. These type of cells are not for everyone. They have a recommended service life of 30 years, and they also have a history of lasting over 100 years. We have an original 6v battery that is 104 years old and still works. They are very tolerant of mistakes and can handle overcharging and very long periods of using the bottom 50% of the Nickel-Iron Cells. Register here to get an info pack and access to our customer's systems online so you can see how these perform. (insert a form to contact us via email for a MailChimp campaign). To Discuss if this type of cell is going to work for your particular application call 1300 244 251 and talk to one of the teams at 24 Hour Solar power. We Supply and install all over Australia and the Pacific Islands and specialise in Pre Wired DIY Systems supporting you to put the power in your hands.

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