February 01, 2017

Well the best place to start is with the way you purchase things, most waste from a household is purely from storage for transportation of goods we buy and majority of it is for our food consumption.

The more processed your food is or the better packaging normally means it has travelled a further distance to get to you and handled by many hands so the reason for a solid package is to protect the item.

Tomatoes are a great example, They are grown to be tough and hard so they are not damaged in transport, So if you haven’t ever eaten a homegrown tomato then you won’t know what you are missing out on. The flavor difference is like chalk and cheese.

When shopping start to have a look at the way you buy things and the packaging it comes in, can you reuse it, ie buying a jar over the little plastic container because you can reuse it to make sauces and store something in it. Or where possible reduce the amount of packing that you bring into the house, take your own bags buy fresh food that doesn’t have packaging and see how much less rubbish you have to deal with and how you will automatically start to eat better foods.

Also buying in bulk can be a great way to reduce waste and also a great way to create it. There is no use in buying a large bottle of milk if you are only going to throw it away because it goes off before you use it.

Buying things online and supporting local companies like www.aussiefarmersdirect.com.au , your goods are delivered fresh and In reusable packing that you can swap with the driver each week. And if that one van delivers to 150 houses a day, that 150 cars that are not required to go to the shops and do the shopping each day.That a huge saving in greenhouse gases.

“If you can plan your purchases better you will create less waste and save yourself a buck”

I love to go to 2nd hand shops or charity stores, the amount of great 2nd hand stuff you can pick up and reuse is amazing and normally a tenth of the price, and also ask around friends and family, the amount of free things i have been given over the years that still work and do the job of what it was intended for and someone else was just going to bin it.