May 29, 2017

Hi, Thanks for reading my post's. If you like please share or give us some feedback and if you don't like tell us what you don't like, I have tough Skin and it can help with future post's. For those of you who know me, know that I don't make  decisions in my life based on what it will cost or will I get my return.

I do things that I want to do and when it comes to living my eco friendly, Sustainable permaculture designed life whatever you want to call it? I make my best educated decision on what is going to be the best  for the long term for the planet and my family. Yesterday I had planned a full day to go around to all the sustainable house days in Sydney and check them all out and see what all the other hippies are doing.

My dad calls me a hippie I find it very amusing. Considering he takes a lot of steps in his life to tread lightly on the planet he just wont admit it that he is doing his part for the future. My wife and I packed the prius with some drinks in the fridge of the car and we headed off to our first destination of the NIRIMBA Tafe Green Skills Hub where I had planned to see what was going on and then move to the next destination and that all changed very quickly. After arriving my wife and I saw a few speakers with some interesting subjects so we decided to stay and watch and see what was being taught in the Tafes and what the mainstream were learning.

All the speakers were great and I learned that slowly mainstream is catching up to the hippies way of life, and when I say catching up they want be overtaking us for a long long time unfortunately. There were 4 speakers. 1st was about Aircon and how to make it more efficient and how to purchase the most efficient system on the market. 2nd speaker was talking about renewable energy.

I was finding it hard to keep my mouth shut and let him talk and that didn't last long either, the crow had questions he couldn't answer so I asked if I could share my experience and opinion and then I was off, the passion and knowledge was flowing and sparked some great conversations. The calling for lunch was the only thing that stopped us I reckon. 3rd speaker was all about passive solar design and getting the building right and retro fits and was some really great content. 4th speaker was very interesting and I will get back to this one.The last speaker was all about sustainable building materials which was great to see is being taught in the Tafes and to the building industry.Speaker 4 was a few interesting talk and honestly something I was not going to stick around for, Real Estate is not a passion of mine and the talk was started off of how they have changed the mentality of real estate agents on how to sell  properties based on being green. That one line got me Hooked, Being a sales trainer all my life and sales is all about understanding behaviour and mentalities and then it to be about Sustainability I was glued to my chair and wasn't going anywhere.

The main focus was how do you get a return on your  financial return on your eco friendly investment? I can relate to this as we just recently purchased a share of a property from a family member, I am think this place is going to be worth a fortune so much more than the neighbors, Its off -grid for electricity with grid back up, Skylights all over the place, insulation, external shading devices,  Solar Hot water, water tanks with town water as back up, it comes with over 30  established fruit trees, all the herbs you will ever need, 5 rotational garden garden beds that will feed a family of 5.  All the valuer had to say me is "mate that stuff doesn't sell or make a property worth anymore". He said from his experience a house with solar will sell faster on a market  by a few days maybe he had no real data. It would get you your money back he told me.

I was excited and disappointed all in the same moment, excited that I was going to get our house cheaper as all the stuff we had done didn't add any value supposedly. I was also saddened that people don't see the true value in all of that stuff and real estate agents just fob it off as if your a crazy thinking that anyone else in the world would care about that stuff when buying a house. Obviously he lives at home with mum and she still pays for everything! No he was a very lovely guy he just told me that's what goes on in the market and he wants to buy batteries like mine.

The 4th speaker had been embedded into LJ Hookers business for the last 4 years and they were getting a real understanding on this and the reasons that real estate agents couldn't sell green homes and the reason buyers didn't want to buy green homes? And here is it and how they are going to change that and how you can make your green home go up in value. We are all talking about it the wrong way, we are using the wrong language on how we are communicating and what it means to live in a  green home. New word on the street is livability. What was found in the research is that the majority of buyers aren't keen on green homes because it means less.

My father and I had this  discussion about water saving shower heads, dad says there crap you sacrifice, I simply replied did you buy one or use the free one from a door knocker? He told me the free one, so I just went and purchased him a $35 one and bang problem solved. You get what you pay for I told him. I even told him he could keep the $35 as he now enjoys 8 liters a minute showers that feels no different to his 25ml one! This type of mentality is what real estate agents are dealing with, any home that was sustainable, green or permaculture designed meant that the buyer that was buying the home was going to be sacrificing or giving something up.

 The other side of the coin was people were buying these eco friendly homes thinking they would be cheap to run and then realising that that had to make some sort of effort, "you cant leave the Aircon on 24 hours a day  and still get cheap electricity bills? But the agent told me it was an eco house so it will be cheap? " Some people you just can't help and unfortunately that's the majority. I was really impressed with the talk and what has been  done by the team at the livability real estate to create the change and it all made sense to me. Training real estate agents to look for green features and add them to the property's listing just like you would 3 bedroom 2 bath and a garage.

The great thing about what they have also done is unless the agent is qualified and trained they cant  just tick it on the websites unless they are a certified and done Hippie training they cant add them. For example you can now search for homes with solar hot water solar off grid the lot! The future is looking brighter. Check out the website and see if your home has the 17 things and also book yourself a free appraisal to satisfy your curiosity, it might even motivate you the greenest of the green to do more!After that the day was almost over and I got to one house and got so many more ideas for my place that I can't wait for next weekend to start making some change's of my own.

Next year we will have our home open as well to share what can be done in the big smoke (the city).Have a Yabba Yabba do day. Please share you you found this helpful. or would like to get notifications when we post new blogs, subscribe at the top.