March 01, 2017

Installing a Wind Turbine can be hit and miss. Luckily, these days, with the newer styles and technology, they are more a hit than a miss.

Take notice of the treetops around your area or on your block. I noticed that the trees near my house always move, which means there is always wind. We installed a simple weather station to record wind data, and it didn’t take very long to realise that a wind turbine was going to be a good investment. I would recommend that you watch wind patterns over a 3 month period and see what happens at your location- unless you are very certain you get wind all the time!

As my system is only a 12-volt system, (the largest size for the quality I wanted), I could get a 400 watt Vertical Axis Wind  Turbine. Here are the specifications from the installers website.

UNI-SUN 400 WATT Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

These would have to be the most amazing wind turbines that we have ever seen, in over 35 years in the game.  We are the guys that were involved with the first commercial wind farm in Australia, at Salmon Beach near Esperance in 1987! This machine is a real game changer and is actually a hybrid turbine, a Savonius type in the centre and a Darrius turbine on the outside. The Savonius rotor is actually the startup unit because the Darrius find it difficult to get going. Once it starts to spin, the Darrius airofoil blades kick in just like an aircraft wing.  The Savonius barrel rotor also acts as a regulator, or air brake, giving this design the highest survival wind speed of any other wind turbine. Because of the Vertical Axis configuration, it has omni-directional wind capture and is much more tolerant of  ddy currents and turbulence imparted by nearby building and trees; which makes it perfect for use in built-up areas.  The overall hybrid turbine delivers a gyroscopic smoothness of rotation combined with a flywheel effect that is a joy to behold, combined with a gentle and unobtrusive, low-level swooshing sound. The simplicity of design is beautiful to behold and delivers very long, trouble-free life.


TURBINE TYPE.                      Vertical Axis, Hybrid unit.

RATED POWER OUTPUT.      400 WATTS @ 12 m/s

STARTS TO SPIN.                   1 m/s

STARTS TO GENERATE.        2.5 m/s


GENERATOR TYPE.                Three phase.

DC OUTPUT.                           12 OR 24 Volts.

BLADE MATERIAL.                  Aircraft alloy.

OVERALL HEIGHT.                  1200 mm

WIDTH.                                     1060 mm

WEIGHT.                                  TBC

NOISE LEVEL .                        TBC