24 volt Nickel Iron Solar Batteries NiFe Cells


Item sold at sale price is for pre-order only. Can be an 8-12week delivery of Items.  
These are a 24 volt Nickel Iron 300 amp hour battery set up. 
We stock 100 200 300 500 1000 and 1300 amp hour setups. Contact 24hoursolarpower if you require info on other setups. 

This set up will give you 7kws of usable storage. These batteries could last you last forever. There are plenty of examples of them being in service for over 40-100 years and the come with a 20-year factory warranty. 

If you want to replace your lead-acid battery's, then this is the solution. Never have battery anxiety again or worrying that you are going to harm your battery's from under or overcharging. 

Depending on your solar charge controller and inverter will depend on how many cells you require.  Contact 24hoursolarpower to see what will work for you. We also sell inverters, Mppt's and solar panels and can help you with. Your complete set up if you require support and advice to build a system. 

Any questions feel free to contact us. 

Can freight anywhere in Australia, contact to discuss freight prices and discounts.