Off Grid Solar System


This is a great system for the energy conscious family who works all week.

The panels are Sunpower 327 watt panels. Thes the best quality panel available and come with the only 25-year warranty with no strings attached.

They are also the most efficient panel on the market. Saving you cost in installation fees as this system only requires 4 panels for 1308 watts production. They re also the 2nd highest heat tolerance panel on the market. So when things heat up these panels will perform.

We prewire all our systems and test before they leave our shop. This Victron easy solar has a 3000va inverter charger and a 70 amp Mppt you can add another 2panelsl to this system. And would only recommend if you wanted the extra power for use of a day. This set up will recharge your batteries full in only 2 hours of sun a day.

It has a built-in charger for using a generator or the grid to charge your batteries.

Online monitoring and a colour screen to tell you everything that is going on in the system.

We only use tubular palate lead-acid batteries which last longer an allow you to discharge them further without great damage to your cells like AGM batteries.
You will have 2.5 useable Khws overnight only draining your battery to 30% and can safely take these to 40% without voiding your warranty.

We aim to offer the best quality components for the DIY industry so you can feel you installed your own top quality system at an affordable price.

You will receive a full installation manual and video series on how to do this yourself along with phone support from us.