Hybrid & Grid Connected Solar System with Batteries

Hybrid & Grid Connected Solar System with Batteries

If your considering installing batteries at home I ask this question first.
What is your intention?
These are normally the responses I get. - Save money. - Be more independent - Be blackout proof -
I want to say $%#@&* to the energy companies. - For environmental reasons.
Living with batteries is complicated. If your intention is to be blackout proof or you have an unreliable grid they work most of the time for a financial reason.

If you have a reliable grid it can be very complicated and very rarely does it ever pay for itself. It all comes down to your energy usage patterns. We recommend installing a monitoring device for a 3 month period and make an educated decision on if they are worth it for you or not. Rushing in and buying batteries to save money will cost you in the long run. A quality energy use monitor will cost $700-$1000 to help you decide on batteries. Which is a lot cheaper than investing in batteries and finding out in 6 months that they just weren't worth it.

If you’re installing batteries for environmental reasons there are quite a few things to consider. This is a very complicated decision and even my advice is based around an opinion I hold as I don't have all the true information and it's hard to get hold of. If you want to know more on this call me to discuss and the short answer is very rarely does it make an environmental impact to reduce emissions and your waste impact.

When you have a reliable grid the best battery you can use is the one you already have - your hot water system. Most hot water systems use 10-15kWs a day, diverting your excess solar to your hot water tank can be a better solution and something to consider. There are devices that can divert your excess solar to your hot water or it can be done with a simple timer. It would depend on your budget and what you want to out of your system.

The best money invested at home if you have a reliable grid is to buy energy efficient appliances, reduce your consumption and if possible install solar at home and use it during the day.

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