Off Grid is our favorite product that we work with.

There is an amazing feeling you get when you buy a property and install your own power station. Supporting our customers to design and build their own power station is a very rewarding process for us as a business.

Off-Grid living is not for everyone and it's important to be realistic about what you can do with your budget. With the technology today you can do anything you want electrically, it all depends on what your willing to spend to make that happen.

Understanding is the most powerful tool to have when deciding to live off-grid as you can save a lot of money & heartache with some knowledge.

The basic things to consider is the more you can use your power of a day the less you require in battery storage. Panels are cheaper than batteries and your batteries will last you longer.

Batteries that require maintenance will last you longer and there are different types of maintenance free batteries that you will get 10-15 years or more and it all come down to how you look after them.

Our priority is to educate our potential customers so you can make the best educated decision as possible. Understanding what is quality and installing the correct system for your demands will give you peace of mind and less frustration in the future.

Contact us today to assess a system that would work for your circumstances. Call us on: 1300 070 928 Or