Solar Analytics


Who Are Solar Analytics? 

Solar Analytics is an Australian software company founded by solar industry veterans, data scientists, developers and passionate PV experts.

They design, develop and supply intelligent solar and energy monitoring solutions with a mission to empower people to navigate the changing energy landscape.

Founded in 2013, Solar Analytics has quickly grown into Australia’s largest independent solar monitoring company.

The team is made up of Australian Photovoltaic Engineers, Software Developers, Scientists, Solar Technicians, PhD Candidates, and Designers. 

Solar Analytics are passionate about sustainable energy and the power of solar, and using data to increase the use of this amazing renewable resource.


What Does It Do? 

The Solar Smart Monitor makes it easy to get on top of your solar power system. This means big savings and protection of your investment.

The Solar Smart Monitor connects easily to your solar power system through your meter board.

Whether you have an existing solar power system or are putting in brand new solar panels, installation of the device is a simple process. 

With your Smart Monitor connected you can now log in to the Dashboard anytime from your desktop computer, tablet device or smart phone to see:

  • Your solar energy system's performance
  • Your energy usage
  • Net electricity bought and sold
  • When and how you're loading your system
  • How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day
  • Alerts and faults diagnostics


Why do we choose Solar Analytics?

We understand the importance of having third party monitoring on your system. It keeps all products installed honest. We love all the features the device has to offer and we install them in most of our grid connected systems.  



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