Victron Energy



Who are Victron Energy? 

Victron Energy was founded in 1975 and has grown from a small, one-office technology company to become an international enterprise with nearly 1000 different products sold in more than 60 countries. The company is based in Almere (Netherlands), with sales offices in France, England, Germany, Denmark, Spain, USA, South Africa and Australia.

Victron Energy’s products are found in recreational and commercial boating, overland transportation, land-based off-grid energy systems and in industrial settings.

The product range includes battery chargers, pure sinewave inverters, Pure Sinewave inverters-chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, battery monitors, solar MPPT charge controllers and more.


Why do we choose Victron?

Victron is our favourite brand for off-grid applications. They've been in the off-grid game for a long time and they know their stuff! Victron continue to evolve and improve on their products to stay ahead of the pack. They are our go-to for a few simple reason;

  • Easy to use products 
  • All-in-one solutions
  • Work with a wide range of batteries
  • Expandable - with the master-slave capability, you can add multiple Victron inverters together to give you more usable capacity.  
  • In a hybrid scenario, they are a black start system (your system will continue to work in a blackout - not all hybrid systems do this)
  • Affordable and reliable.


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