24 Volt Off-Grid Solar,Nickel Iron Cells and SunPower panels


This system comes with all the major components required for your off-grid system. 
8 x SunPower 327 watt panels. Only panels on the market with a 25-year warranty on everything. Will over-perform 20%. This will produce a minimum of 10kwhs a day. 
Comes with a Victron 150/100 MPPT which can handle 2900 watts of solar panels on a 24 Volt System. 
A 5000VA inverter charger which is more than enough for most off-grid situations. The charger is a 120 amp charger which means you will require a 3.6kw generator to take advantage of the full charging capacity of the charger. Can be programmed for a smaller generator.
Comes with a set of 300amp hour Nickel-Iron cells which will give you 7.2kwhs of usable storage c5 rating. Most solar batteries are rated at c10 or c100 meaning you will get more storage than what is stated if comparing to other solar batteries. These cells have a 20-year warranty and come with the battery monitor for your warranty purposes.  
We can supply this kit pre-wired and on a board and all other accessories to complete your whole set up if required. 
We can also organise one of our qualified installers to install your system. We have installers for regional NSW, QLD,  Installs in WA can be arranged through one of our contractors. 
Contact us to discuss a compete solution.