48 Volt Nickel Iron Solar Batteries

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48 Volt Nickel Iron Batteries

Each Nickel Iron Battery is a 1.2 volt cell. 40 cells are required to make a 48 volt set. Before buying a 24 Volt Nickel Iron battery bank, contact us to ensure your inverter is compatible with these cells. You may only require 38 cells.

All of our Nickel Iron cells come with an impressive 20 year warranty.

Nickel Iron cells have a history of lasting a very long time.

As you can see in the images we have a 100-year-old set that still works. To be clear we only sell new ones.
We can supply 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 ah size cells.
We recommend you contact us before purchasing to ensure you are buying the correct amount of storage for your situation.
The batteries will come with all connecting links, and electrolyte. The electrolyte is to be mixed with distilled water which you will be required to purchase. We provide a full instruction and care manual with every purchase.
We can supply the cells full of electrolyte ready to go at an extra cost.
We can freight anywhere in Australia and local pick up is also available.
Freight will be extra ifcells are supplied full of electrolyte. Message us with your postcode for a price.
Nickel Iron cells are very durable, they have a 80% depth of discharge which means you can draw the battery down to 20% power without hurting the battery. Other battery types come with a 20%-70% DoD.
To give you an example, if you buy 10 kWh (kilo Watt hours) of storage with Nickel Iron batteries, you will have 8 kWh of usable storage. If you buy 10 kWh of storage with a battery that only has a 20% DoD you will have 2 kWh ofusable storage.
It is important to do your research when it comes to batteries as they are a very important part of your solar system.

A 48 volt, 100ah set will give you 3.2 kWh of usable storage.

A 48 volt, 200ah set will give you 6.4 kWh of usable storage.

A 48 volt, 300ah set will give you 9.6 kWh of usable storage.

a 48 volt, 400ah set will give you 12.8 kWh of usable storage.

For more information on Nickel Iron Cells, read our blog, visit our youtube channel or call us on 1300 244 251.


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