DIY 48V Off Grid Solar System / Victron Inverter / REC / Lead Crystal Batteries


This is a supply only, DIY install off-grid solar system. 

Providing 8x 295w REC TwinPeak 2 Panels totalling 2.36kW 

All racking included to mount to roof. (Contact us for a ground mounting option)

Victron EasySolar inverter charger 48v 3000w  (48/3000/35-50 MPPT 150/70)

4x 12v 150ah Lead Crystal Battery with 3 year warranty & 80% DOD giving you 5.76 Usable kWh of storage (7.2kWh total storage) 

Panel & Battery upgrades available. 

National Freight to TOLL IPEC Depot in Australia

Contact us for Pre-Programmed & Pre-Wired options for an easier install. 

This is a good option for an energy conscious couple or family who use most of their energy during the day. 

Understanding your load and appliances is one of the best things you can get educated on as it will help you design and get the most out if a system. Knowledge is power. 

Contact us prior to purchase to ensure this system will work for your situation.  

This system will give you a minimum 9.4kW of energy per day - (Based on 4 sun hours per day for the Winter months)

The Victron EasySolar has a built-in charger for using a generator or the grid to charge your batteries. 

If your generator has auto-start this system can be programmed to auto-start the generator when required.

Online monitoring and a colour screen to tell you everything that is going on in the system.

You will receive a full installation manual and video series on how to do this yourself along with phone support from us. 

We recommend solar hot water to go with this system and use your diesel generator to charge your batteries while boosting your hot water at the same time. Eliminating the use of gas appliances. 

All of our 24v systems are designed so you can legally install them yourself.

Our 48v DIY systems are required to be installed by an accredited solar installer.

If your system is installed by an accredited installer, you can be eligible for the government STC rebate.

Check out our youtube channel for some ideas & useful videos. 24hoursolarpower-yabba

We also supply a range of other systems and products including Nickel Iron Batteries, Selectronics SP pro, Fronius, SMA, SunPower, Ritar, BYD Batteries, Lead Crystal, Flextronics, Solar Analytics, Ego Power tools and Lucisco Solar Lights. 

Contact us for a custom design.