DIY Off Grid Solar System with Victon Energy Inverter and Nickel Iron Batteries

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This system is designed for the energy conscious user.

It has been designed to give you 5 usable kWhs a day.

What can you do with 5 usable kwhs with Energy efficient appliances:
  • Cook Toast.
  • Boil water with an induction cooktop. 
  • Do your bacon and eggs in an Air Fryer. 
  • Use your Blender to make a juice.
  • Use washing Machine (recommended every second day when sun is out).
  • Use a Sandwich press to make lunch. 
  • Put the slow cooker on to make a roast and veggies for dinner. Or use your Turbo Oven.
  • Charge your phones and laptops.
  • All while running and energy efficient fridge that uses less than 1 kWh per day (this can be up to the size of 440 litres).
  • Sit Down to watch your 44 inch LED / LCD TV and turn off your 5 LED Lights you had on and enjoy dinner and discuss with your partner how you charged all your battery operated tools ready for tomorrow to build the new outhouse. 
  • While your Thermomix Custard is being made ready for desert. 

We have family's of 4 who use these systems and do all of the above for 4 people.

We recommend solar hot water to go with this system and use your diesel generator to charge your batteries while boosting your hot water at the same time. Eliminating the use of gas appliances.

This system comes with almost everything required to Self Install. Depending on your installation location there could be extra items required for your specific situation. The items missing we can supply or give you part numbers to go to your local electrical shop to get.

You will receive videos and photos of other installations we have done to help support you with your own DIY install.

We provide phone support through the process. And if you have the Internet available you can put your system online and we can help you monitor it remotely.

We supply Nickel Iron batteries with the majority of our systems. They are very forgiving with over charging and under charging and come with a 20 year warranty. They do require maintenance which involves topping up with distilled water, no harsh acid. Perfect if this is your first time living with batteries. This could be the last set you ever buy. All systems are supplied programmed and battery protection supplied either system.

If you require a maintenance free option we do supply this system with lead acid batteries. Contact us for a price. The lead acid batteries are less expensive and you will get 5-7 years out of them.

This System comes with 1308 watts of SunPower Solar panels which perform more consistently than any other panel in the Australian heat and on cloudy overcast days. Electricity generation consistency is what you require when living with batteries. The consistent performance keeps the batteries charged. Our system's also come with adjustable tilts which allow you to adjust the panel to the optimum angle for both Winter and Summer. This saves money as a smaller set of panels at the optimum angle out performs double the amount at a poor angle. 

This system comes with a Victron easy solar which has everything required to live from batteries including a pre-wired sub-board for all your 240 volt circuits and your electric boosted hot water to run through your generator.

If your generator has auto-start this system can be programmed to auto-start the generator when required.

You will also revive 19 x 200 ah Nickel Iron cells which provide 4.8 usable kwhs over night. These are currently in stock. Contact us today to see if this system is for you and your family's situation. Also available with a 48-volt 5kva inverter charger and 10kwhs of storage overnight.

Contact us for freight prices.


We also supply a range of other systems and products including Selectronics, SP Pro, SunPower, Ritar, BYD Batteries, Lead Crystal, Flex Energy, Solar Analytics, Ego Power, Lucisco Solar Lights, Fronius and SMA. Contact us for a custom design.