Hybrid Solar System with 5 USEABLE KWH per day Even in Winter


This System can be installed as a stand-alone system or in the city and take the majority of your home off the grid depending on your daily load.

You can choose to have in 12,24 or 48-volt system.

This system can be added to in the future or at the time of purchase. Unlike other battery-based systems.

You will receive 1.77 kW of REC Twin Peak panels. They are shade tolerant and you will get more out of these panels than the equivalent size system other brands of poly panels. 

A Victron MPPT which in a 24-volt system can handle up to 3kw of panels and in a 48v system up to 5kw of panels

You will receive a 3000 va 48 or 24-volt Victron Easy Solar inverter charger which you can plug a generator into one side or like I do in the city I use the mains to provide backup if the batteries do not have enough charge. This Inverter charger can also run a dedicated circuit which only works when the backup power supply is plugged in to help protect your batteries.

This system comes with a battery monitoring system so you know where you are at with your batteries all the time. And can all be viewed from your smartphone.

The system can also come pre-wired ready for plug and play with a diagram to make your life easy and save money on buying expensive tools just to do one job.

You will receive all the necessary fuses and breakers for your system ready to go. If you choose the pre-wired option it will come with all the housings for the breakers.

The last thing you will receive and also the last set of batteries you will ever buy is a set of 100 Amp Hour Nickel Iron Cells that will give you 5 usable KWh of energy overnight.

Do your own research on Nickel Iron Batteries or Nife Cells or the Edison cell. Once you understand these cells you won't be buying any other type of battery for your home storage.

You can't overcharge them or under charge, them they are virtually indestructible by operator error. You won't be like you lead acid buddies or Lithium friends worried about the state of charge in your cells as it's not important.

You will also receive for free our DIY video series which will show you how to install your system and wire it all up and lots of diagrams.

What you will be required to buy as an extra is 80 litres of distilled water.If you buy it will save you over $200 on freight.

Cables from your solar panels to your solar charge controller. we can provide at an extra cost and that will depend on the distance from your panels to your batteries and where you mount your solar panels

I would recommend if you have the grid available to get an electrician to install a dual power supply changeover switch. The rest you can do safely easy and save a fortune on labour.

Any questions send us a message to discuss.

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