Nickel Iron Off Grid Batteries for Solar System. 200ah Cells with Monitoring


These Nickel Iron Cells are specifically for solar applications.

We have had modifications made to our cells to hold more electrolyte.

This has resulted in more storage and more days autonomy in an off-grid situation.

This 24 volt 200 ah set up will give you a minimum of 5 useable Khws of storage overnight.

This Kit comes with everything required to connect it online with a Victron Venus controller. It also comes with a battery Monitor and cables which is highly important for your battery warranty. It also allows you to see how much energy you are using from your batteries.

This Price Includes shipping to any Toll Ipec Depot in Australia.

We only use 19 cells in most of our systems so that you don't require to upgrade your solar charge controllers or inverters. The 20th cell is available.

We have a limited amount of these in stock. We have shipments arriving every 6-8 weeks with new stock. Call us today to put your name on a set of cells that could last you your lifetime. These have a life expectancy of 11,000 cycles. If you used cycled them every day that would be 30+ years. Most users do not cycle them daily.

Every month from now to Xmas we are giving away 1 one three items free with every system Purchased with the value of up to $600 per Gift. Battery Rack. Ego Chainsaw with batterys. Or a Lusico Solar Light Range.

Contact us today to see if they will work with your current set up.

We can design and supply full systems if required and we install.

We have a retail shop in Lismore if you would like to come and meet us face to face.