Off Grid Solar System

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This System comes with 2 battery choices. And completely pre-wired. Your task is to mount the solar panels to the roof, Mount the pre-wired technology board on the wall and connect the batteries and wire in plug in your appliances.

The Main Components of the system are the same.

Victron Easy Solar with a 3000va Inverter charger and a 150/70 MPPT (Solar Charge Controller Built-in)

It also comes with a colour screen monitoring system which can be viewed online Via an App of a web browser.

A 3000 Va Inverter will allow an energy conscious house do most things.

You can use most benchtop kitchen appliances from this system.

We recommend if going the lead-acid battery option is to add more solar panels if you plan to cook more from electricity than gas. Call to discuss.

Both System's have the same amount of usable storage. 5 useable Khws at a C5 rating. Most solar applications are sold as a C10 rating which means looks like there is more usable storage for the same size battery. The difference is C5 is a faster draw IE using heavy loads for a faster current draw. A C10 rating is where its a slower draw on the battery over a longer period which will give you more usable energy. If you use a 960-watt load on these batteries they will be flat in 5 hours at a C5 rating.

Compare apples to apples when deciding on a system.

Battery "C" Rating Ritar 200ah
Capacity (1HR) 111
Capacity (5HR)170
Capacity (10HR)200
Capacity (20HR)210

The Ritar 200 ah Tubular plate option which is this kit has 5 useable Kwhs and will see you through about 5 years of solar energy usage. These are one of the best quality lead acid batteries on the market.

The second option is Nickel-Iron cells. There are Nickel-Iron cells that are over 100 years old and still work. We have a set in a system we installed that is 70 years old and still working.

Nickel-Iron cells do take up more space and require to be topped up with distilled water. These cells come with a 20-year warranty and are likely to outlast you.

Making you batteries last will come down to the quality of Solar panels you install. And get the performance out of your system required. If your panels underperform the rest of the system will. Most of our systems require less solar panels than competitors as we only use quality panels. If you want to supply your solar panel we do supply BYO panel kits.

Solar panels we have 2 options. We supply Sunpower Cells Which are the most expensive panels you can buy on the Australian market period. And you get what you pay for. 25-year warranty. Most efficient panels on the market. They are heat tolerant up to 50 degrees. Most panels are only up to 35 degrees. which is a 20-degree day. One of the biggest problems with solar panels in Australia is the extreme hot and cold weather we can have in 1 day. Pol and Mono panels have the solders for the cells on the front of the panels which over time with extreme hot and cold the solder breaks from the expansion and retraction and the panels stop working.

Sunpower has created a join which is hidden on the back of the panels to solve this and allowing the panels to perform at higher temperatures and come with a 25 year no questions asked warranty. If the panel doesn't perform or last they just swap it over.

The 2nd option is the Stion Thin-film panels. Thin-films are one of the most amazing panels on the market.

They heat soak up to 70 degrees and gain 30% performance in the heat. I personally was amazed when I saw my 3Kw of solar panels doing 4.3Kws and hour in summer and in winter they will produce what they say they do on paper. They also come with a 20-year warranty.

The difference in these two set up is you get 8 Thin films compared to 4 Sunpower panels for the same amount of performance and the same space taken up on the roof. The thin film panels are smaller. We have Found living from batteries the Thinfilm give you more consistent performance over the year.

Contact us for an itemized quote or individual system design for your personal situation. Everyone's energy demands are unique. We specialise in custom design solar systems.

Delivery available to your local freight depot for pickup. Can arrange delivery to your site.