Off Grid Solar System

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This Solar System designed for a daily load of 2-4 Kwhs.

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You can get maximum performance out of this sized system with basic knowledge.

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Starting with the solar panels, this kit comes with 1120 watts fo solar panels. We have been using thin film panels for years and wouldn't recommend anything else for an off grid system. This will give you 3.9 kwhs of production at winter equinox(3.5 full sun hours) and 7khw in summer. (7 full sun hours)

The downside to thin film panels is it takes a bit more effort to mount them. You require mounting eight panels rather than 4 to get the same amount of useable energy at factory tested specifications.

Solar panels are tested in a facility so that the panel is 25 degrees and reflecting the angle of the sun in spring and autumn equinox. In Australia, that is a 16-degree day.There for anything other than a thin film panel will start to decrease in performance on days hotter than that. Take a look at the specifications on panels to see for yourself.

Thin film panels perform better the hotter they get, it's called heat soaking until they reach about 70 degrees which is a 35-degree day in Australia.

They work on cloudy days as they pick up a red and blue light spectrum which gives you a better performance every day of the year rather than spring and autumn. Living on batteries you want more consistent production rather than peaks and troughs.

We can swap for other panels if you would prefer.


This Kit comes with a Victron Easy Solar. What we like about Victron is they have staff in Australia, and they are great to deal with for warranty issues which are very rare, and they support the DIY install where som other companies you can kiss your warranty good buy if you touch anything yourself.

The Easy Solar will allow you to run a load of up to 1300 watt load.

Energy efficient appliances are the key to getting the most out of this little device.

You can run a fridge/ freezer, Lights computers TV even an energy efficient washing machine. Understanding your appliances will help you get the most out of any solar system.

It also comes with what is called a go through Circut which will only work when your backup power is on a generator or even the Grid; We have installed these in homes to take people off the grid. Here is a video which will explain more.

It will allow you to run an electric hot water, welder, kettle anything like that that requires anything over the 1300 watts.

The Easy Solar comes with prewired breakers for all your 240-volt requirements. This little unit will save you lots of time and money.

The Batteries you will receive in this system will last you a life time. Nickel Iron Batteries have been around for over 100 years.

This System you will receive a one 12volt 100 amp hour set up of Nickel Iron Batteries. That will give you 1.2 Kits of storage overnight.

Nickel Iron Batteries cannot be over charged or under charged. They are virtually impossible. They require topping up with distilled water. We run our house in Sydney of a set of 1100 amp set, and we use about 60 litres of distilled water every year. Not using them is what uses the most water. They love to be used every day.

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