Off Grid Solar System with Nickel Iron Batteries


If you are looking for an off grid system for your weekender or looking to add batteries to your grid tied system, then contact us to discuss or check out our youtube channel for some ideas.

We can support you with a DIY install and we can also install a system for you.

At 24 hour solar power we specialise in battery based systems. 

Energy usage is complicated because everyone is different and running your demand from batteries is very different to grid connected solar and the grid.

Understanding your load and appliances is one of the best things you can get educated on as it will help you design and get the most out if a system. Knowledge is power.

The most Common size system we install is a 3000va inverter charger with monitoring and 7 kWhs of usable storage. This coupled with 3 kWhs of solar panels can make most family homes with a load of 18 kWhs per day self-sufficient for about 330 days a year. *Depending on the Quality of your current solar panels.

We do have systems with lead-acid batteries available. Contact us for pricing and design.

This size system retails for $10,000 plus install. This is BYO solar panels.

The smallest option we install is $6995 plus install which will eliminate up to 10khs a day off your energy bills.

If you would like us to do a design or help your source a system contact us today on 1300 244 251.

All of our design team live with batteries, so you will be talking to someone who lives with one of our systems.

Mike Lived in Sydney with grid backup and a wind turbine and had an education centre in his house with all of the different configurations set up for training installers on how to make it all work.

Andy Lives in Perth completely off the Grid with manual Generator Backup and a wind turbine.

Geoff Lives in The Channon off the Grid with auto start generator backup.

We have installers all over Australia that are qualified and can help you with having your system installed.

Call us on 1300 244 251 or email

Contact us for postage options - we ship worldwide.

This kit is for one of our smaller systems.

Victron East Solar 3000va with colour control.
3.2 kWhs of Nickel Iron battery storage.
Available in 24volt or 12 volts only.

48 Volt for larger battery storage.