Off- Grid stand alone power supply for self install.


This is a full solar system kit for DIY install. We can install in most of NSW and South East QLD. We are based in Lismore and are willing to travel to certain areas. We are happy to work with your installer and advise if you have a local electrician or solar installer. 

Kit includes;
8 x REC Twinpeak 295w black framed solar panels. (REC 2905TP- BLK) 2360 watts in total
in the Nothern Rivers of NSW this system produces a minimum of 14kws a day. Times the total watts by the available sun hours available in your location. We can send you the Australian Solar Data for your location. 
All racking required for mounting on a tin roof. 
All connections and wiring.  
24V 3kVA EasySolar Inverter Charger. (PMP243027010)
24v 200AH Nickel Iron batteries. 4.8 usable kWh at a C5 rating of storable energy. Over 6 usable kWh at C100 rating. 
The Inverter Charger comes pre-wired and mounted on a blackboard with your isolator and 15A inlet. 
The Inverter Charger comes pre-programmed for compatibility with Nickel Iron cells. 
The Nickel Iron cells come pre-filled with electrolyte. 
REC panels - 10 years
Victron EasySolar - 5 years
Nickel Iron Cells - 20 years
Feel free to contact us for details of customers that have self-installed systems. 
All Complete Systems come with a free solar light. 
We supply a range of other systems and products including Selectronics SP pro, SunPower, Ritar, BYD batteries, Lead Crystal, flex energy, solar analytics, ego power, Lucisco solar light, Fronius, Sma