Off Grid Stand Alone Solar System


This is a great Stand alone set up to run the basics and then some.

This system Includes a 3000 Va Inverter. A 70 amp charger, A pre-wired sub-board for your electrics, All the monitoring with a built-in colour screen. Can start your 2 wire auto start on your generator and you can do all this from the internet if the system has access to wifi or ethernet.

In this package, you will receive 1680 watts of thin film Stion solar panels. Heat tolerant and shade tolerant and will perform better on overcast days. They pick up a blue and red from the light spectrum which gives them a superior performance. They will be good for 10kWhs of production per day in most of the Australian mainland. Mounting kit not included in the price and will be added to customer requirements and roof types. We can supply ground mount kits.

You will also get a 24volt bank of Nickel-Iron 200ah battery with a rack included. Which will give you access to 5 useable kWhs overnight from battery storage. Nickel Iron batteries have a 20,000 cycle life expectancy and come with a 20-year warranty. Do your research on these batteries.

This is a great system that will run a decent size fridge, fans Led/LCD TV, Toaster, Thermomix, Slow Cookers, Turbo Ovens and even an energy efficient kettle. Chest Freezer

You will also receive access to our DIY video workshop if you would like to do the install yourself. We can add a prewiring kit to do as much of this as possible for you to make your life easy when it arrives. We also have install teams all over Australia including Tasmania if you would like us to install.

Contact us to discuss your system requirements. I have attached some photos of our customer own DIY systems that they have done with our support through the process.

We also supply hot water systems. Talk to us today about a complete package.