Victron Energy Inverter / Charger 12v 20amp 500va

Price TBD

These little inverter chargers are ideal for the 4wd caravan, tiny homes.

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Perfect for space saving having your charger and inverter all in one and it's has a 16 amp transfer switch.

We can pre-wire the 240 if you would like us to.

How it all will work for you in the application.

When it's connected to a 100ah battery for example. It will be a simple inverter that you can run your laptop all fridge and other small items from it that require 240v.

When you plug it into 240v when you have mains power available, it will automatically charge your battery for you and the 16amp transfer switch will give you over 3000 watts of useable energy from the mains.

You could boil a kettle or run a toaster and items that have a draw of up to 3000 watts and then some.

The 20amp charger means if you have a 12v 100amp battery it will charge a flat battery in 2-3 hours depending on the state of charge of the battery. And this is from flat to full in under 3 hours.

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